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Aladdin Blockchain Technologies commences first phase of commercial agreement with Indian partner

Aladdin Blockchain Technologies Ltd, London, (“Aladdin Ltd.”) the 100% subsidiary of Aladdin Blockchain Technologies Holding SE, (“Aladdin”) has today commenced delivery of the first phase of its commercial agreement with OurHealthMate India (“OurHealthMate”).

Our HealthMate is India’s largest healthcare marketplace, which is partnered with 30,000 doctors in India. Today, OurHealthMate offers more than 250,000 medical services at fixed cost through their platform offered by more than 2,000 healthcare centres in India, including the majority of the nation’s largest hospital chains. All these healthcare centres are partnered with OurHealthMate.

Aladdin Ltd has established a Big Data Platform for the medical records of Indian patients. Aladdin Ltd has also established a data processing team within India for the purpose of data asset creation and structuring data, so that it is of significant value for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) purposes.

As of today, Aladdin Ltd has facilitated the data asset creation of 25,000 anonymised electronic medical records onto its platform. This represents the first stage of development in India, the numbers will increase incrementally on a monthly basis feeding into the Aladdin platform. Thereby improving the accuracy and effectiveness of Aladdin’s AI and ML tools, which will help to enable the early detection and prevention of chronic disease within India.

This forms the catalyst for creation of a Blockchain backed ecosystem which will improve the immutability of audit trail of access and change to medical records on the Aladdin platform.

Wade Menpes Smith (Chairman)

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