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Aladdin Blockchain Technologies Holding SE: Aladdin uploads 240,000 anonymised electronic medical records to its platform in China

Aladdin is looking to build a significant health data repository. On this Aladdin will harness and create the latest tools in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to use the Aladdin data repository to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The repository will consist of both electronic medical records (EMR) and non­clinical data from a wide range of sources from transaction data and wearables to mobile apps.

Aladdin had already established a platform in China for the anonymised electronic medical records of Chinese patients. They are in the process of creating a data processing team in China for the purpose of data asset creation and structuring data, so that it is of significant value for AI and ML purposes.

As of today, Aladdin has 240,000 electronic medical records of patients from North Western China on its platform.

Aladdin will leverage its AI and ML capabilities for the purpose of assisting medical research by aiming to identify effective preventive medicinal practices, which in turn can optimise healthcare spending and generate savings for the healthcare industry.

Aladdin will look to increase incrementally the number of electronic medical records on its platform in China. Thereby improving the accuracy and effectiveness of Aladdin’s AI and ML tools, which will help to enable the early detection and prevention of chronic disease within China.

In order to improve the security around electronic medical records, Aladdin intends to create and contribute its Blockchain backed ecosystem to this data. In its current form, Aladdin’s blockchain network delivers an immutable audit trail of access and change to electronic medical records held on a platform.

Wade Menpes Smith (Chairman)

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