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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE signs a partnership agreement with the Norweigian centre on healthy ageing (NO-Age)

(BERLIN, Germany and LONDON, England) 21 May 2019 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”), a cutting edge technology leader developing AI for innovative healthcare solutions that will ensure every dollar in healthcare is spent more efficiently, today announced the signing of a partnership with the Norwegian Centre on Healthy Ageing (NO-Age). NO-Age and Aladdin have agreed to collaborate, innovate and transform the future of digital healthcare, bringing positive health outcomes to people who have ageing-related chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The parties intend to focus on the following three specific areas, which will enable the development of superior AI diagnosis toolkits for early disease detection, clinical trials and Research and Development for key compounds, with a view to new drug and treatment discovery.

  • To develop mitophagy targeted biomarkers for AD with AI assistance.
  • To develop a machine learning platform for the detection and analysis of NAD+, to speed up the clinical trial and drug discovery process.
  • To develop a screening and early diagnostic tool for AD using AI with tabular data, retina images, brain CT and MRI images, quizzes and IoT recorded walking path data.

Wade Menpes Smith, CEO of Aladdin Healthcare Technologies, highlights the importance of this first collaboration with a Nordic institute, “We are delighted to be entering into this partnership and looking forward to combining Aladdin’s technological expertise with NO-Age’s medical experience, in an attempt to confront Alzheimer’s disease. The World Health Organisation believes Alzheimer’s disease will be a global epidemic by 2050 so action against it needs to be taken imminently.”

The partnership brings together a combination of world-class doctors, scientists, AI engineers from leading medical and research institutes. Both parties view the partnership as a fundamental forward step to achieve the end goal of accelerating medical research and transforming patient care.

About Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE

Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (and its wholly owned subsidiary Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Ltd.) is a cutting edge technology company leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to ensure every dollar in healthcare is spent more efficiently. Aladdin accomplishes this by collaborating with numerous partners within the global healthcare ecosystem to ethically and securely gather large sets of health and lifestyle data. These datasets are then analysed and used to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of healthcare treatments. Aladdin’s analysis can identify trends related to chronic diseases, thus empowering patients by providing insight into the various elements affecting their health, while improving outcomes and overall access to healthcare. Aladdin’s vision is to move toward an era of more efficient healthcare management and realise their purpose of improving global health outcomes.

About Norwegian Centre on Healthy Ageing (NO-Age)

Norwegian Centre on Healthy Ageing (NO-Age), a virtual Norwegian integrated, interdisciplinary, international centre for human ageing research, with a translational goal to empower people to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives (Official website: NO-Age is anchored on Ahus. The current NO-Age Centre network consists of members and research groups from world leading universities (Europe: U of Oslo, Cambridge, Oxford, ULC, U of Copenhagen; U.S: Harvard University, U of Washington, National Institutes of Health (NIANIH), Stanford, Princeton, Buck Institute for Research on Aging; Asia: University of Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University). NO-Age aims to employ a common conceptual framework to understand the complex interplay of biological, physiological, cultural, and social factors that influence health and wellbeing at both the individual and population levels. NO-Age actively engages with our stakeholders to develop interventional strategies and policies to promote healthy living and social participation at old age. The maintenance of a healthy ageing brain is currently a primary goal of NO-Age. With a combinational approach of cross species laboratory experiments, artificial intelligence (AI), and clinical patient samples, NO-Age aims to focus on the most common dementia, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), covering all the major aspects of AD research including novel etiologies, early biomarker development, drug screening, and clinical trials. The final aim of NO-Age is to have Norway as an international research and development hub on normal ageing, and the age predisposed AD.

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