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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE: announces we have developed a prototype AI powered data analysis platform for brain imaging

(BERLIN, Germany and LONDON, England) 16 January 2020 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”), a leading developer of next generation breakthroughs in age- related disease accelerated by the integration of leading science and A.I today announces we have developed a prototype A.I powered data analysis platform for brain imaging.

Our technological breakthrough means the prototype can process brain imaging data with the assistance of deep learning models. The novel application that can solve a number of issues regarding Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) data analysis and computer aided diagnosis (CAD) with multiple analytics solutions for early detection and patient management.

Currently within the healthcare industry, there are a several issues with brain data analysis software that is being used within hospitals, issues such as:

  • Limited functions requiring a significant amount of manual work and interventions.
  • Inaccurate single modality analysis and limited support for different types of data.
  • Limited connectivity and insecure databases.

Major Benefits for healthcare professionals and patients worldwide

The following new features and attributes that the platform delivers, subject to CFDA and CE Mark approval, pave the way for a new generation of AD analytics tool that can significantly increase early stage diagnosis accuracy, workflow efficiency and lead to enhanced affordability. One corresponding patent application have been applied (and another 3 will be submitted in 2 months) for the Chinese market.

Key Features:

  • Full and/or semi-automated analysis powered by recently developed A.I algorithms.
  • Full support for multimodal imaging data including Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  • Highlighting the areas of potential disease, such as hippocampus area segmentation for Alzheimer’s Disease, and other age-related diseases based on our A.I diagnosis model.
  • A cloud-based frontend and data privacy-preserved platform.

Aladdin’s ability to combine multimodal data with specifically integrated A.I driven blood analysis makes for a novel approach to early diagnostics. Moreover, most other A.I approaches, currently available within the industry, reflect the reliance on utilising brain images as a singular approach methodology. This is only adequate for basic diagnosis and does not approach the multiple complexities that involve the disease and its underlying pathways.

Wade Menpes-Smith (Chairman)

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