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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE achieves further milestone in COVID-19 drug development: Discovery of 20 new optimized compounds with AI DD platform

BERLIN/LONDON, May 20, 2020 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”, ISIN: DE000A12ULL2), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications, has discovered 20 novel compounds, in partnership with the Sun-Yat Sen University, to combat the coronavirus.

Aladdin has taken a further step into the development of innovative solutions to support healthcare professionals and patients at a global level and combat complex diseases such as COVID-19 with its Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery platform (AI DD). Generally, it takes ten years to develop a new drug with a preclinical phase of two to three years. With Aladdin´s AI platform, this preclinical phase can be reduced to only twelve months.

The Company has concluded a partnership with the Sun-Yat Sen University in China, a leading university for Medicine, in order to develop new optimized compounds to combat coronavirus pandemic. Starting from experimental data about Remdesivir, a broad-spectrum antiviral medicament already tested as a treatment for COVID-19, Aladdin was able to discover more than 20 new synthesisable compounds for drug development analogous to the original medicinal but with a better binding affinity and an unharmful grade of liver toxicity, which is actually the major concern of some existing repurposed drug candidates.

Aladdin´s AI platform, by using key innovative components such as the virtual screening technology and molecule design based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), speeds up the drug discovery process and enables the optimization of new drug compounds. The platform acts like a huge dynamic database, which is continuously kept updated with new data provided by all partners and clients whom Aladdin works with. In this way, the groundbreaking Big Data technology connects findings and dynamizes the knowledge progress for the treatment of diseases such as COVID-19 but also age-related diseases.

Wade Menpes-Smith, CEO of Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE, says: “Our proprietary AI drug discovery platform can primarily accelerate the discovery of novel molecules for drug targets to combat complex diseases and viruses like the SARS-CoV-2. Our primary aim is to be a major player in the science progress by combining data science with Artificial Intelligence.”

Aladdin works with numerous renowned partners such as pharma and biotech companies, labs and universities in Europe and Asia, providing them with an expert consulting service and allowing them to use its proprietary AI powered platform on payment of a fee. By doing that, Aladdin is able to conduct major projects and to find early stage drug targets which the Company get paid for, after the pre-clinical validation. Most recently, Aladdin and its partners received EU funding of EUR 1.4 million for the development of COVID-19 diagnostic components. Keeping making new discoveries through numerous partnerships will lead Aladdin to further major contracts.

About Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE

Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (and its wholly owned subsidiary Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Ltd.) is a leading developer of AI healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications that can accelerate both early stage disease diagnosis and the end-to-end drug discovery process. Aladdin targets aged related disease including a significant focus on Alzheimer’s disease. Aladdin accomplishes this by collaborating with numerous partners within the global healthcare ecosystem to confidentially and securely gather targeted data including, genome, tabular, MRI, PET, cognition and other lifestyle data. These datasets are then analysed by our award-winning AI team and used to develop proprietary AI tools that can assist healthcare professionals to more accurately and efficiently diagnose aged related diseases. This new diagnostic process will save significant time and costs for healthcare professionals. Additionally, our AI drug discovery platform will be used to by pharmaceutical Companies to speed up drug development, clinical trials and predict outcomes more accurately.

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