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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE achieves milestone in drug development against Alzheimer´s and other age-related diseases: new compounds discovered through self-developed AI Virtual Screen with Recommendation Success Rate 40 times higher than traditional Screening Methods

BERLIN/LONDON, May 28, 2020 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”, ISIN: DE000A12ULL2), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications, has achieved a further breakthrough in the field of Ageing Research. Through a novel system for drug virtual screening based on Artificial Intelligence, which is a key component of Aladdin´s drug development platform (AIDD), the Company was able to develop new mitophagy inducers in cooperation with anti-ageing researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Working with Associate Professor Evandro F. Fang from the University of Oslo and other renowned experts, Aladdin has rapidly identified novel drug compounds with high potential to become mitophagy inducers for age-related diseases, especially Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson´s Disease. Mitophagy is a cellular cleaning system of the old and dysfunctional mitochondria, which are the cellular powerhouses of humans, and plays a fundamental role in both physical and mental health. However, mitophagy is dramatically impaired in the elderly and in individuals with age-related diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson´s Disease. Thus, turning up mitophagy to clean the cellular ‘garbage’ is considered as a novel and potentially highly effective drug target for such diseases.

The newly discovered compounds have been already submitted to several experiments that confirmed their pharmacological activity at the cell level. The recommendation success rate of Aladdin´s AI-driven virtual screening system has been proven at 44% in this case, which is 40 times higher than other traditional screening methods for molecule compounds.

The life journey of a drug can last up to ten years before arriving on the market and it is marked by rigorous and cost-intensive tests. Aladdin can offer a high-quality prediction of drug-target interactions and accelerate the discovery process of new compounds thanks to its proprietary AI Drug Development platform, which uses an implemented virtual screening system and a huge dynamic database, reducing the usual preclinical phase time of drug development from two to three years to only 12 months.

Wade Menpes-Smith, CEO of Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE, comments: “The co-development of these new compounds marks a new era, where drug targets can be identified faster and optimized, by combining medical expertise with Artificial Intelligence. Our self-developed AI Drug Discovery platform AIDD can contribute to the worldwide scientific progress and improve the health conditions of patients affected by age-related and neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Aladdin keeps up the pace of new findings and continues to work with major international partners in the field of medical research. Only last week the Company announced another relevant discovery of 20 novel compounds to fight against the coronavirus and COVID-19. By reducing the time needed for the pre-clinical phase within the drug development process and finding new potential optimized treatments for complex diseases, Aladdin confirms its capability of making exciting progress and heading to important partnerships with big players in the pharma industry and major profitable contracts.

About Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE

Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (and its wholly owned subsidiary Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Ltd.) is a leading developer of AI healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications that can accelerate both early stage disease diagnosis and the end-to-end drug discovery process. Aladdin targets aged related disease including a significant focus on Alzheimer’s disease. Aladdin accomplishes this by collaborating with numerous partners within the global healthcare ecosystem to confidentially and securely gather targeted data including, genome, tabular, MRI, PET, cognition and other lifestyle data. These datasets are then analysed by our award-winning AI team and used to develop proprietary AI tools that can assist healthcare professionals to more accurately and efficiently diagnose aged related diseases. This new diagnostic process will save significant time and costs for healthcare professionals. Additionally, our AI drug discovery platform will be used to by pharmaceutical Companies to speed up drug development, clinical trials and predict outcomes more accurately.

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