Our Science

Treat disease earlier to enhance longevity

Science has now demonstrated that earlier and more accurate diagnosis can be obtained by utilising a combination of A.I and multimodal medical data consisting of biomarkers from genetics, imaging, bloods, medical records and texts from scientific publications.

Aladdin has integrated these datasets into our disease centric knowledge graph platform which focuses on aged related diseases. This drives our automated decision making platform that can detect age-related disease risks in its earliest stage and transform global healthcare screening.

Insights from Longitudinal Data

We have developed partnerships with global biobanks containing both anonymous healthy human data and patient data. This is then updated on a regular basis.

Artificial Intelligence

By using proprietary award winning A.I solutions, Aladdin’s delivers the following automated health products and services including: Knowledge Graphs, Disease Risk Prediction Recommendations, Disease Lesion Discovery and Quantitative Analysis, Disease Progression Analysis and Simulation, Treatment Plan Recommendations.

Blockchain Technologies

At Aladdin, we have developed a blockchain based Medical Data Audit Trail platform to address the need to securely share and track the handling of medical data amongst different parties.