Our Science

To enhance longevity

Early Diagnosis of Age-related Disease

Aladdin is changing the approach to early diagnosis of age-related disease. More accurate and cost-effective tests derived from our data driven multimodal risk prediction and diagnosis services can detect age-related disease in its earliest stage giving treatment paths a higher success rate.

Proprietary AI Clinics

At Aladdin we will integrate clinics with our platform and services resulting in early diagnosis, the most effective treatment pathways and actionable insights for patients.

Power of Longitudinal Data

We have developed partnerships with global biobanks which contain longitudinal and detailed historical and current records in a variety of data types. The combination of these allows us to train our multimodal model to detect specific age-related disease at an early stage.

Knowledge Graph-powered AI Solutions

Researchers' understanding of age-related disease is distributed across the text of millions of research articles and experimental results. Our cloud platform uses natural language processing technology to process these literatures and extract the relationship among drugs, genes, proteins and disease and transforming it into a knowledge graph.

This is the foundation for training our diagnosis AI models. Based on this knowledge graph, we can collate disparate sources of knowledge relevant to age-related diseases in order to propose innovative early diagnosis methods and drug repurposing hypotheses.

Blockchain Technologies

Pain points when handling digital medical data:

  • The need to anonymise medical records to comply with data protection
  • The requirement to exchange data with parties that require specific access only to data for their own needs
  • The assurance that the data available to relevant parties is used with due diligence


Medical Record Audit Trail

At Aladdin, we have developed a blockchain based Medical Data Audit Trail platform to address the need that sharing, and handling of medical data is done with due diligence. This ensures that the sensitive data remains confidential but can be audited at any point in time.