AI to Target Ageing

At Aladdin we are developing next generation breakthroughs in age-related disease accelerated by the integration of leading science and AI.

Ageing is a Global Megatrend

As the world continues to age rapidly, age-related diseases have become one the main healthcare burden for all governments.

Who We Are

We have brought together a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, scientists, technologists and healthcare industry partners from leading medical and research institutes.

Next-generation Data Driven Platform

The Aladdin platform leverages:

  • Results from the latest scientific research
  • Proprietary machine learning and deep learning technologies
  • Bioinformatics insights from high-quality omics data

To develop novel and simplified services for early stage disease diagnosis.

Social Impact

Save millions of lives through cheaper and simpler screening methods. Generate new significant proprietary data from around the world to enable new drug discoveries and enhanced longevity.

Demographic Focus




South East Asia