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Aladdin Blockchain Technologies Holding SE: Aladdin launches its proof of concept (POC) Blockchain Network ‘Genesis’

Aladdin has launched its POC blockchain network based on Hyperledger Fabric. Aladdin’s Blockchain is a permissioned network that serves as a Medical Record Audit Trail, the first of its kind.

Genesis ensures any interaction with medical records, is logged as a secure, immutable transaction, that cannot be tampered with. All network participants can be added by invitation only and benefit from a consistent, decentralised view of the full audit trail.

Genesis consists of 3 nodes (for example 3 hospitals), where each transaction written to the blockchain, records: the action performed, the owner of the medical record, the user that interacts with the record and the date and time this action occurred.

This ensures that the sensitive data remains confidential but can be audited at any point in time. Each transaction once recorded is distributed to each node, resulting in every node having an identical log of the audit trail.

Genesis offers confidence to all network participants, guaranteeing that the full activity is undisputed and can be used as evidence in the event of repudiation.

The Aladdin Digital Healthcare Ecosystem helps build trust between network participants and gives patients peace of mind that their medical records are fully protected at all times.

Follow this link to see Genesis in action

Wade Menpes Smith (Chairman)

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