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Aladdin Blockchain Technologies Holding SE announces a total of 1.8 million anonymised EMRs on its platforms

(BERLIN, Germany and LONDON, England) 01 November, 2018 ­ Aladdin Blockchain TechnologiesHolding SE (“Aladdin”), a cutting­edge technology leader developing a new digital healthcare ecosystem that will ensure every dollar in healthcare is spent more efficiently, today announced it has increased the number of anonymised electronic medical records (EMRs) of patients from China on its platform by 635,000. This brings the total number of anonymised EMRs, on Aladdin’s platforms to 1,845,000.

This represents significant progress into the Chinese market, the numbers will continue to increase on a monthly basis feeding into the Aladdin platforms. Thereby improving the accuracy and effectiveness of Aladdin’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools, which will help to enable the early detection and prevention of chronic disease. This is, therefore, a very exciting development for Aladdin.

Aladdin will leverage its AI and ML capabilities for the purpose of assisting medical research by aiming to identify effective preventive medicinal practices, which in turn can optimise healthcare spending and generate savings for the healthcare industry.

Wade Menpes Smith (Chairman)

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