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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE release a SaaS prototype for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease based on blood test results

(BERLIN, Germany and LONDON, England) 08 January 2020 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”), a leading developer of next generation breakthroughs in age-related disease accelerated by the integration of leading science and A.I today announced we have released our SAAS (software as a service) based online rapid analysis report prototype, for early diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease, based on blood test results.

Ageing is a global megatrend, as the world continues to age rapidly, age-related diseases have become a significant healthcare burden for all governments. Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most crippling age-related diseases, there are more than 50 million dementia patients globally which created a global economic burden of more than $1 trillion in 2018.

Currently there is no affordable and accurate early stage universal testing for Alzheimer’s Disease. All methods are either invasive and painful, expensive or inaccurate.

Our A.I diagnosis is based on a non-invasive blood test, which can provide instant diagnosis for health screening of multiple age-related diseases. We have achieved 85% accuracy for diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease through our A.I model based on blood test results. These diagnostics will now be validated through our extensive and industry leading hospital network. This is a catalyst for our second phase, which potentially will make further significant gains and breakthroughs towards a seamless blood test that setting a new gold standard for Alzheimer’s Disease early diagnosis.

Evidence shows that early diagnosis and intervention of key diseases can not only help postpone or ameliorate symptoms but also lead to enhanced longevity. On top of this, early diagnosis is also a significant component for pharmaceutical companies to gain access to a key demographic for clinical trials that can expedite drug discovery.

The CEO, Wade Menpes-Smith states “This is clearly a significant breakthrough moment for Aladdin and fundamentally transforms the outlook for the company. I’m satisfied we have met the first milestone for this product, and we look forward to both validating our product with our gloablly respected partnership network and further improving the accuracy.”

Wade Menpes-Smith (Chairman)

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