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Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE plans listing on trading platform XETRA

BERLIN/LONDON, 17 March 2020 - Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (“Aladdin”, ISIN: DE000A12ULL2) plans to include its shares besides its listing on the Düsseldorf and the Frankfurt stock exchange onto the trading platform XETRA within a month of completion of the present public offering.

The planned listing on XETRA intends to further increase the attractiveness of the Aladdin-share on the capital market and to facilitate a greater attention from investors within Germany whilst allowing foreign investors to participate in the trading of the shares. mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG will accompany the trading of Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE shares and thus ensure more liquidity and higher turnover in the share. The existing listing on the Düsseldorf stock exchange and the Frankfurt stock exchange will continue.

“With the XETRA-listing, we are now taking decisive steps within the capital market to accompany our rapidly growing business. As a leading developer of A.I healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications for age-related diseases, we see it as a great opportunity to present our business model and its growth prospects to a larger circle of investors,” said Wade Menpes-Smith, CEO von Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE.

A public offering of shares in the company is open and runs from 9 to 30 March 2020.

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About Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE

Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE (and its wholly owned subsidiary Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Ltd.) is a leading developer of AI healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications that can accelerate both early stage disease diagnosis and the end-to-end drug discovery process. Aladdin targets aged related disease including a significant focus on Alzheimer’s disease. Aladdin accomplishes this by collaborating with numerous partners within the global healthcare ecosystem to confidentially and securely gather targeted data including, genome, tabular, MRI, PET, cognition and other lifestyle data. These datasets are then analysed by the award-winning AI team and used to develop proprietary AI tools that can assist healthcare professionals to more accurately and efficiently diagnose aged related diseases. This new diagnostic process will save significant time and costs for healthcare professionals. Additionally, the AI drug discovery platform will be used by pharmaceutical Companies to speed up drug development, clinical trials and predict outcomes more accurately.

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